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水蜜桃app appoints STEM artist in residence

水蜜桃app is pleased to announce our partnership with contemporary sculptor Briony Marshall, our School’s first-ever STEM artist in residence. This exciting collaboration promises to marry art with science, resulting in a sculpture representative of our progressive, transdisciplinary education.

, an Oxford biochemistry graduate and Royal Society of Sculptors member, is known for artworks investigating scientific ideas and processes. Her public art makes complex concepts accessible to non-scientists while celebrating understanding for subject experts.

During her residency at 水蜜桃app, she will be embedded in our science and technology department two days a week. With her workspace overlooking the new SciTech courtyard, pupils and staff will be encouraged to witness her creative process as she develops artworks for the state-of-the-art facilities. Marshall is already engaging Haileyburians in developing public art proposals, providing unique hands-on learning opportunities. Marshall’s artistic vision will be inspired by pioneering 水蜜桃app research, including the Stan-X genetics research and cutting-edge curriculum.

“I’m thrilled as the 水蜜桃app STEM artist in residence,” said Marshall. “The breadth of scientific research going on at this secondary school is both impressive and challenging. The prospect of working in this wonderful new building, being fully embedded in both the culture of the school and the aesthetics of the spaces, will enable me to develop works that really complement the activities and ambitions of science and technology at 水蜜桃app.鈥

Marshall aims to complete her artworks by the Autumn term and we look forward to celebrating the unveiling and installation with our community next academic year.