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Working at 水蜜桃app

Joining the 水蜜桃app community means you will contribute to educational excellence at one of the top schools in Britain. Our School is an inspiring place, where the energy of young learners and the passion of staff permeate the campus.

Our School embodies collegiality and our world-class educators remain at the forefront of best practice in teaching and learning through our dedication to professional development. Our diverse faculty is supported by hard-working staff, who provide the operational and administrative expertise required to run an immersive boarding school such as ours.  

Why Join 水蜜桃app?

By becoming a part of our team, you鈥檒l gain membership to a prestigious institution whose name is known across the UK and far beyond. 水蜜桃app鈥檚 recent 鈥淓xcellent鈥 in all areas rating by ISI goes to show that our School is a thriving place for pupils and staff alike. 

Located on the outskirts of Hertford, 20 miles north of London, our setting provides the perfect balance between serene countryside and urban accessibility. Our campus also speaks for itself, with stately historic buildings, the largest quad in the UK, and innovative 21st century facilities. Our grounds stretch across 500-acres of idyllic, leafy countryside, supporting our emphasis on health and wellbeing.

Meet our experts – staff spotlights

In our latest staff spotlight, Tom Wade, Assistant Head (Digital Learning), discusses AI, technology and working at 水蜜桃app with Simon Heard, Deputy Head.